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Z163422 Aldrich

Dri-Can® desiccating canister

L × W × H 4 in. × 2.06 in. × 0.53 in.



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mfr. no.   Multisorb
L × W × H   4 in. × 2.06 in. × 0.53 in.


General description

Dri-Can reusable desiccating containers protect all types of articles from deterioration, rust, corrosion, mold, mildew and other damage caused by moisture or high humidity. Simply place Dri-Can together with the article to be protected in a tightly closed or sealed moisture resistant container. Dri-Can will rapidly and actively desiccate the surrounding air and keep it that way to protect against moisture damage.
High Moisture Capacity
The desiccant material within Dri-Can attracts water vapor and holds it physically through surface adsorption and capillary condensation. It has a tremendous number of microscopic pores which give it a high moisture capacity. One Dri-Can will maintain a safe level of humidity in three cubic feet of sealed space.
Easy to Monitor and Regenerate
Available in a metal or plastic case, Dri-Can has either a monitor window in the metal case or a see-through, translucent plastic case. When the desiccant turns pink, it indicates that a saturation point has been reached. Regeneration can be achieved by microwave or conventional oven.
• Conventional Oven - (Metal or plastic case) - Heat Dri-Can in vented oven at 149°C (300°F) for three hours.
• Microwave Oven - stand DriCan on its side - Heat Dri-Can in microwave on high (using a 900 watt microwave) in 3 minute intervals until beads turn blue. Time may vary depending on wattage of the microwave used to regenerate.
CAUTION: Allow sufficient cooling before removing Dri-Can from an oven or microwave to reduce risk of personal injury. Damage to desiccant may occur in microwave ovens over 900 watts or from temperatures above 163°C (325°F). Under extreme humid conditions, desiccant may achieve rapid saturation which reduces absorption capacity. Allow sufficient space between the Dri-Can openings and the microwave to let steam vent away from the Dri-Can.

Legal Information

Dri-Can is a registered trademark of Multisorb Technologies, Inc.

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