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Z176664 Aldrich

Aldrich® cold plate

AC/DC input 115 V, Analog cold plate



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sterility   non-sterile
availability   not available in EU
color   none
matrix active group   non-treated surface treatment


General description

These portable, low-temperature control devices utilize efficient, solid-state, thermoelectric modules to control temperatures from +25 to -20 °C. Unique, dual heat exchanger utilizes either fan forced air or tap water for cooling. Connects to water source using 1/4 in. I.D. tubing. Stirring models have a built-in, adjustable-speed, magnetic stirrer to keep solutions at equilibrium. Useful for reaction kinetics, recrystallizations, cold traps, freezing point determinations, controlling exothermic reactions, condenser for distillations, freezing biological and blood specimens, cold bath or storage chambers. Not CE compliant.
• Rapid cooling to -10 °C (forced air) or -20 °C (tap water), 130 BTU/h initial rate
• Cooling to -40 °C possible by circulating coolant
• Equilibrium reached in 2 to 3 min
• 3 in. diam. aluminum top plate handles solutions up to 200 mL
• 18 gauge aluminum cabinet, 7 W × 5 D × 5 in. H
• Wt = 8 lb
Analog model has adjustable power supply to control cooling.

Other Notes

The use of insulated, flat-bottom glassware and aluminum cooling blocks maximizes heat transfer rates from media to cold plate and are highly recommended for use with this equipment.

Legal Information

Aldrich is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

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