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Z202509 Aldrich

Mini Diazald® apparatus

Joint: ST/NS 19/26 Clear-Seal joints, for generating 1 to 50 mmol of diazomethane



General description

For technical and safety information about Diazald and Aldrich diazomethane generators see Technical Information Bulletin AL-180.

The mini Diazald apparatus bridges the gap between the System 45 diazomethane generator Z411736 (for preparing <1 mmol of diazomethane) and the Diazald kit (for preparing ~100 mmol of diazomethane). It consists of a reaction vessel and a condenser in one compact unit. This apparatus features a cold-finger in place of a water-jacketed condenser. When filled with dry ice/acetone slush, the condenser efficiently prevents dangerous diazomethane/ether vapor from escaping. A separatory funnel, Z100382 and a round-bottom receiving flask, Z100358, (must be equipped with Clear-Seal® joints) are the only other glassware needed and can be purchased separately.

NOTE: Sigma-Aldrich is unable to supply certain Diazomethane precursors in some countries. Check availability of starting materials prior to glassware purchase.

Legal Information

Clear-Seal is a registered trademark of Wheaton Industries, Inc.

Diazald is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

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Z100358 Aldrich® single-neck round-bottom flask with Clear-Seal® joint, capacity 100 mL
Z100382 Separatory funnel with PTFE stopcock and 19/22 Clear-Seal® joint, capacity 125 mL

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