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Z231401 Aldrich

Weighted safety shield

H 36 in.



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material   transparent acrylic
packaging   pkg of (packaged in one carton)
H   36 in.
W × D   19 1/2 in. × 6 1/2 in.
thickness   3/8 in.



This product is designed to act as an "engineering control" or barrier to provide a degree of protection for those in front of the barrier from splashing and splattering. This shield will not provide any degree of protection from an "explosive" incident.

General description

High impact resistance. Three-sided construction for stability and protection on both front and sides.

Ideal observation barrier. Work can be conducted behind the 3/8" shield, while workers or technicians are protected from splash, flying particles and 1 Mev of beta radiation. Shield incorporates a seamless one-piece acrylic barrier with straight front and two 45-degree angles.

The base is made from chemical resistant natural polypropylene and the base/platform is approximately 20" x 20" x 1/2" thick. On the underside of the base there are four rubber feet (one on each corner). The rubber feet provide cushioned protection for tabletops. All parts are pre-drilled and ready for assembly. Stainless steel machine screws and self-locking nuts also included.

Phillips Head Screwdriver and small adjustable wrench are required for assembly. Because the product may be used where splash could occur, an indirect vent Face-Fit cover goggle is included.

Suitable for compliance with OSHA CFR Part1910.1030.

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