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Z238813 Aldrich

Homogeneous Catalysis, 2nd ed.

  •  ISBN-10 0471538299

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publication info   G. Parshall, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, 1992, hard cover
mfr. no.   Wiley


General description

Contains a balanced discussion of homogeneous catalytic reactions that are used in industry, featuring every documented example employed in a current commercial process, or that have a broad application in the organic synthesis laboratory. Incorporates synthesis with chiral catalysts in chapters on hydrogenation, CO chemistry and olefin oxidation. New additions include Tennessee Eastman′s coal-based acetic anhydride plant and IFP′s Dimersol process for dimerizing propylene as well as major changes in the areas on pharmaceuticals, flavors, fragrances, agricultural and electronic chemicals.

Table of Contents

Trends in Homogeneous Catalysis in Industry.
Isomerization of Olefins.
Reactions of Olefins and Dienes--Hydrogenation and HY Additions.
Polymerization and Oligomerization of Olefins and Dienes.
Reactions of Carbon Monoxide.
Oxidation of Olefins and Dienes.
Arene Reactions.
Reactions of Acetylenes.
Carbene Complexes in Olefin Metathesis and Ring-Forming Reactions.
Oxidation of Hydrocarbons by Oxygen.
Esterification, Polycondensation, and Related Processes.
Homogeneous Catalysis in Halocarbon Chemistry.

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