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Oxford Chemistry Primers

No. 28: Essentials of Inorganic Chemistry 1

  •  ISBN-10 0198558481

  •  ISBN-13 978-019855848-4



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publication info   D. Mingos, Oxford University Press, 1995, 96 pp., soft cover
mfr. no.   Oxford University Press


General description

Beginners in chemistry often find the terminology bewildering, and basic concepts difficult to summarize. This primer provides an alphabetical listing of concepts encountered up to a first year undergraduate inorganic chemistry course. Each entry provides more information than can be found in current chemistry dictionaries, and is written in accessible, student-friendly style. Whether using the primer to cram for exams or for quick explanations of unfamiliar topics, every chemistry student should have a copy at their desks

Table of Contents

1. Acids and bases to Aufbau principle
2. Back donation to Born-Haber cycle
3. Canonical from to Crystal structures
4. Dative bond to Dipole moment
5. Effective atomic number to Exchange energy
6. Gibbs energy
7. Halogens to Hypervalent
8. Inertness and lability to Isomerism
9. Lanthanides to Lone pair
10. Magnetism to Molecular orbital theory
11. Nomenclature of inorganic compounds to Non-aqueous solvents
12. Orbitals to Oxidation state
13. Periodic table to Polyhedral cage geometrics
14. Radii to Resonance
15. Sandwich compounds to Steric effects
16. Valence bond to VSEPR

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