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Z271497 Aldrich

CRC Handbook Of Organic Photochemistry And Photobiology

  •  ISBN-10 0849386349

  •  ISBN-13 978-084938634-3



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publication info   W. Horspool and P. Song, CRC Press, 1995, 1636 pp., hard cover
mfr. no.   CRC Press


General description

With emphasis on the synthetic value of photochemistry, the text details the advantages of photochemistry over conventional thermal methods. Reactions classified by chromophore for easy access to data.

Table of Contents

Partial Table of Contents
Cis-Trans Isomerization of Alkenes
Photorearrangement and Fragmentation of Alkenes
(2+2)-Cyclobutane Synthesis (Liquid Phase): Introduction and Mechanistic Consideration
Cyclobutane Synthesis in the Solid Phase: Introduction and Mechanistic Considerations
Photochemical Synthesis of Cage Compounds: Propellaprismanes and their Precursors
Copper(I) Catalyzed Intra- and Intermolecular Photocycloaddition Reactions of Alkenes
Photoreactions of Alkenes in Protic Media
The p-Cyclopropene Rearrangements
Diene/Cyclobutene Photochemistry
Photochemistry of Acyclic 1,3,5-Trienes and Related Compounds
Photochemistry of Vitamin D and Related Compounds
Photochemistry of Polyenes Related to Vitamin A
Fulgides and Related Systems
The Di-p-Methane Rearrangement
Photorearrangements of Benzobarrelenes and Related Analogues
The Photochemistry of Dibenzobarrelene (9,10-Ethenoanthracene) and its Derivatives
Valence Isomerization Between Norbornadiene and Quadricyclane Derivatives-A Solar Energy Storage Process
Ring Isomerization of Benzene and Naphthalene Derivatives, A. Gilbert
Phototransposition and Photo-Ring Contraction Reactions of 4-Pyrones and 4-Hydroxypyrylium Cations
Photochemical Aromatic Substitution
Photochemical Reactions of Arenes with Amines
Intra- and Intermolecular Cycloadditions of Benzene Derivatives
Cyclization of Stilbene and its Derivatives
Ene Reactions with Singlet Oxygen
Photooxygenation of 1,3-Dienes
Photorearrangement of Endoperoxides
Photochemical Methods for the Synthesis of 1,2-Dioxetanes
Oxidation of Aromatics
Cyclobutane Photochemistry
Photochemistry of Oxiranes - Photoreactions of Epoxynaphthoquinones
Photodecarboxylation of Acids and Lactones
The Photochemistry of Esters of Carboxylic Acids
Carbene Formation in the Photochemistry of Cyclic Ketones
Norrish Type I Processes of Ketones: Basic Concepts
Norrish Type I Processes of Ketones: Selected Examples and Synthetic Applications
Photoinduced Intermolecular Hydrogen Abstraction Reactions of Ketones
Hydrogen Abstraction Reactions of a-Diketones
Norrish Type II Photoelimination of Ketones: Cleavage of 1,4-Biradicals Formed by γ-Hydrogen Abstraction
Norrish Type II Processes of Ketones-Influence of Environment
Regio- and Stereoselective Syntheses of Cyclopropanols, Azetidinols, and Pyrrolidinols
Norrish Type II Processes Involving 1-6 and Greater Hydrogen Transfer Reactions
Electron Transfer Processes in Phthalimide Systems
Oxetane Formation: Intermolecular Additions
Oxetane Formation: Addition to Herterocycles
Oxetane Formation: Stereocontrol
Oxetane Formation: Intramolecular Addition
Photorearrangement Reactions of Cyclohexenones
Photodeconjugation of Unsaturated Enones and Acid Derivatives
Phase Effects on the Competition Between Hydrogen Abstraction and Photocycloaddition in Bicyclic Enones
Intramolecular Photocycloadditions to Enones: Influence of the Chain Length
Photocycloaddition Reactions of Cyclopentenones with Alkenes
[2+2] Photocycloadditions of Cyclohexenones to Alkenes
(2+2)-Photocycloaddition Reactions of Enolized 1,3-Diketones and 1,2-Diketones with Alkenes: The de Mayo Reaction
Rearrangement Reactions of Cross-Conjugated Cyclohexadienones
Photochemical Rearrangements of 6/6- and 6/5-Fused Cross-Conjugated Cyclohexadienones
Cyclohexadienone Photochemistry: Trapping Reactions
Action Spectroscopy - Methodology
Action Spectroscopy: Ultraviolet Radiation
Action Spectroscopy-Photomovement and Photomorphogenesis Spectra

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