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Z277835 Aldrich

HGS Stereochemistry Molecular Model Set

HGS 4000



General description

It is featherweight, slim, and flexible, and yet quite durable-ideal not only for research chemists but also for learning students as well. A new scale, 1 Å = 2 cm, offers easy handing and assures the precise estimation of internulear distances. Conformational changes can be attained easily and smoothly. Yet any specific conformer can be fixed without any special aid. The flexible nature of bonding allow ones to construct four-and five-membered rings using a usual unit. The model is suitable in the fields of organic chemistry, biochemistry, and inorganic chemistry both for educational and research purposes.
Scale: The newly adopted scale, 1 Å = 2 cm, makes the model handy and varsatile.
Materials and Parts:
Standard set 4000: Made of superb polyacetal resin. More than ten basic units, all color-coded, are available. Special units are also supplied, which include a six-coordinated atom unit and a hydrogen-bond unit.
Advanced set 7000: same as set 4000 but contains the following additional parts: cyclopropane, epoxide, aziridine, cyclobutene, benzene, naphthalene, porphyrin, and two types of octahedral metal (one for conventional use and the other for porphyrin metalation) Supplied in a plastic case.

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