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Z282626 Aldrich

Advanced Asymmetric Synthesis

  •  ISBN-10 0751400491

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publication info   G.R. Stephenson, ed., Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1996, 442 pp., hard cover
mfr. no.   Kluwer Academic Publishers


General description

Asymmetric synthesis is one of the most critical strategic subjects in organic chemistry, and this book describes advanced techniques and their applications to the industrial and laboratory synthesis of important chiral molecules. The international team of highly respected authors provide rigorous and concise reviews of their areas of expertise.

Table of Contents

Design of asymmetric synthesis.
Nonlinear effects in enantioselective synthesis - asymmetric amplification.
Chiral enolates.
Optically active B-ketosulfoxides in asymmetric synthesis.
Chiral aminals in asymmetric synthesis.
Asymmetric deprotonation reactions using enantiopure lithium amide bases.
Asymmetric Diels-Alder reactions.
Asymmetric oxidiation.
Transition metal catalysts for asymmetric reduction.
Asymmetric hydroboration.
Asymmetric hydrosilylation and hydroformylation.
Asymmetric conjugate addition reactions.
Stereoselective transformations mediated by chiral titanium complexes.
Asymmetric synthesis using enzymes and whole cells.
Asymmetric palladium catalysed coupling reactions.
Palladium allyl pi-complexes in asymmetric synthesis.
Worked examples in asymmetric synthesis design.
Stoichiometric electrophilic pi-complexes in asymmetric synthesis.

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HKR Epoxides

One of the most effective and recent methods for obtaining several classes of chiral building blocks is Jacobsen’s hydrolytic kinetic resolution technique (HKR). The method provides general access to...
Aldrich ChemFiles 2005, 5.4, 17.
Keywords: Anti-inflammatory agents, Asymmetric synthesis, Building blocks, Chemfiles, Deprotonations, Ligands, Methods

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