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Organic Syntheses via Boranes Vol. 1, H.C.Brown

  •  ISBN-10 0-94163340-3

  •  ISBN-13 978-0-94163340-6



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publication info   H.C. Brown, Aldrich Chemical Co., 1997, 283 pp., hard cover


General description

Reprint of H.C. Brown′s 1975 title containing a detailed discussion of organoboranes in organic synthesis.

Table of Contents

1 Hydroboration with Borane: Survey
1.1 Hydroboration Procedures
1.2 Scope and Stoichiometry
1.3 Directive Effects
1.4 Stereochemistry of Hydroboration
1.5 Hydroboration of Hindered Olefins
1.6 Hydroboration of Dienes and Acetylenes
1.7 Hydroboration of Functional Derivatives
2 Hydroboration with Borane: Procedures

3 Hydroboration with Borane Derivatives: Survey
3.1 Disiamylborane
3.2 9-BBN
3.3 Diisopinocampheylborane
3.4 Catecholborane
3.5 Chloroboranes
3.6 Thexylborane
3.7 Conclusion
4 Hydroboration with Borane Derivatives: Procedures

5 Organoborane Conversions: Survey
5.1 Isomerization of Organoboranes
5.2 Displacement Reactions of Organoboranes
5.3 Contrathermodynamic Isomerization of Olefins
5.4 Cyclization
5.5 Protonolysis
5.6 Halogenolysis
5.7 Oxidation-Alkaline Hydrogen Peroxide
5.8 Oxidation-Chromic Acid
5.9 Oxidation-Oxygen
5.10 Sulfuridation
5.11 Amination
5.12 Metalation
5.13 Summary
6 Organoborane Conversions: Procedures

7 Carbon Bond Formation Via Organoboranes: Survey
7.1 The Coupling Reaction
7.2 The Cyclopropane Synthesis
7.3 Carbonylation to Tertiary Alcohols
7.4 Carbonylation to Ketones
7.5 Carbonylation to Aldehydes
7.6 Stitching and Riveting
7.7 Cyanidation
7.8 The DCME Reaction
7.9 alpha-Alkylation and Arylation
7.10 alpha-Bromination Transfer
7.11 Reaction with Diazo Compounds
7.12 Unsaturated Borane Transfers
7.13 Conjugate Additions
7.14 Conclusion
8 Carbon Bond Formation Via Organoboranes: Procedures

9 Laboratory Operations with Air-Sensitive Substances: Survey
9.1 Apparatus for Reactions Involving Air-Sensitive Materials
9.2 Liquid Transfer Techniques
9.3 Transfer of Gases
9.4 The Automatic Gasimeter
9.5 Transfer of Solids
9.6 Filtration of Reaction Solutions
9.7 Distillation of Air-Sensitive Products
9.8 Recrystallization and Sublimation
9.9 Storage of Air-Sensitive Materials
9.10 Analysis of Boranes, Organoboranes, and Organometallics
9.11 Purification of Solvents and Reagents
Appendix: Sources of Technical Literature

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