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Z408425 Aldrich

Practical Guide to Combinatorial Chemistry

  •  ISBN-10 084123485X

  •  ISBN-13 978-084123485-7



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publication info   A.W. Czarnik and S.H. DeWitt, ed., Oxford University Press, 1997, 360 pp., hard cover
mfr. no.   American Chemical Society


General description

This book is a practical guide for those engaged in small-molecule combinatorial chemistry as well as those wishing to learn the field. Aimed at nonspecialists, the chapters are written in a tutorial style by internationally recognized experts. The text reviews the use of computational tools to analyze molecular diversity and presents a detailed survey of solid-phase peptide synthesis and the tools used for small-molecule synthesis. Up-to-date automated approaches and equipment for synthesizing solid- and solution-phase libraries are reviewed, including synthesis, analytical, and deconvolution tools.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: Combinatorial Chemistry Approaches the Next Millennium, Walter H. Moos
2. Using Computational Tools to Analyze Molecular Diversity, Peter Willett
Solid-Phase Strategies
3. Solid Phase Synthesis: Context, George Barany and Maria Kempe
4. Synthesis Tools for Solid-Phase Synthesis, John S Kiely, Thomas K Hayes, Michael C. Griffith, and Yazhong Pei
5. On-Resin Analysis in Combinatorial Chemistry, Michael J. Shapiro, Mengfen Lin, and Bing Yan
6. Deconvolution Tools for Solid-Phase Synthesis, John J. Baldwin and Roland Dolle
Solution-Phase Strategies
7. Synthesis Tools for Solution-Phase Synthesis, Ted L. Underiner and John R. Peterson
8. Analytical Tools for Solution-Phase Synthesis, Christopher E. Kibbey
9. Deconvolution Tools in Solution-Phase Synthesis, Xavier Willard and Andre Tartar
Equipment and Automation
10. Equipment for the High Throughput Organic Synthesis of Chemical Libraries, Ralph A. Rivero, Michael N. Greco, and Bruce Maryanoff
11. Automated Approaches to Reaction Optimization, Jonathan S. Lindsey
12. Application of Automated Parallel Synthesis, Adnan M. M. Mjalli
Information Management and Biological Applications
13. Information Management, Steven M. Muskal
14. Screening of Combinatorial Libraries, F. F. Craig
15. Summary, Anthony W. Czarnik and Sheila Hobbs Dewitt

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