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Fmoc Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis: A Practical Approach

  •  ISBN-10 0199637253

  •  ISBN-13 978-019963725-6



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publication info   W. Chan and P. White, ed., Oxford University Press, 2000, 376 pp., hard cover
mfr. no.   Oxford University Press


General description

In the years since the publication of Atherton and Sheppard′s volume, the technique of Fmoc solid-phase peptide synthesis has matured considerably and is not the standard approach for the routine production of peptides. The focus of this new volume is much broader; it covers not only the essential procedures for the production of linear peptides but also more advanced techniques for preparing cyclic, side-chain modified, phospho- and glycopeptides. Many other methods also deserving attention have been included: convergent peptide synthesis; peptide-protein conjugation; chemoselective ligation; and chemoselective purification.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction--a retrospective viewpoint
2. Basic principles, Peter D. White and Weng C. Chan
3. Basic procedures, Weng C. Chan and Peter D. White
4. Preparation and handling of peptides containing methionine and cysteine, Fernando Albericio et al.
5. Difficult peptides, Martin Quibell and Tony Johnson
6. Synthesis of modified peptides, Sarah L. Mellor et al.
7. Phosphopeptide synthesis, Peter D. White
8. Glycopeptide synthesis, Jan Kihlberg
9. Convergent peptide synthesis, Kleomenis Barlos and Dimitrios Gatos
10. Methods of preparing peptide-carrier conjugates, Jan W. Driifhout and Peter Hoogerhout
11. Chemoselective and orthoggonal ligation techniques, James P. Tam and Y.-A. Lu
12. Purification of large peptides using chemoselective tags, Paolo Mascagni
13. Instrumentation for automated solid phase peptide synthesis, Linda E. Cammish and Steven A. Kates
14. Manual multiple synthesis methods, B. Dorner et al.

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