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Advanced Organic Chemistry, 4th ed.

Part A: Structure and Mechanisms

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publication info   F. Carey and R. Sundberg, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2000, 823 pp., soft cover
mfr. no.   Kluwer Academic Publishers


General description

Part A emphasizes quantitative and qualitative description of structural effects on reactivity and mechanism.

The Fourth Edition provides updated material but continues the essential elements of the previous edition. The material in Part A is organized on the basis of fundamental structural topics such as structure, stereochemistry, conformation and aromaticity and basic mechanistic types. The material in Part B is organized on the basis of reaction type with emphasis on reactions of importance in laboratory synthesis. The two parts stand alone, although there is considerable cross-referencing. This edition updates certain topics that have advanced rapidly in the decade, including computational chemistry, structural manifestations of aromaticity, enantioselective reactions and lanthanide catalysis.

Table of Contents

Part A: Structure and Mechanisms.
1. Chemical Bonding and Structure.
2. Stereochemical Principles.
3. Conformational, Steric, and Stereoelectronic Effects.
4. Study and Description of Organic Reaction Mechanisms.
5. Nucleophilic Substitution.
6. Polar Addition and Elimination Reactions.
7. Carbanions and Other Nucleophilic Carbon Species.
8. Reactions of Carbonyl Compounds.
9. Aromaticity.
10. Aromatic Substitution.
11. Concerted Pericyclic Reactions.
12. Free-Radical Reactions.
13. Photochemistry.

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