22092 Fluka

Tryptic Soy Broth

for microbiology

Synonym: CASO Broth, Casein Soya Broth, Soybean Casein digest Broth, TSB, Tryptone Soya Broth


Related Categories All Dairy Media (alphabetical), All Food Control Media (alphabetical), All Liquid Media/Broths, Bacillus, Bacteria (General Media),
grade   for microbiology
shelf life    ± limited shelf life, expiry date on the label
composition   casein peptone (pancreatic), 17 g/L
  dipotassium hydrogen phosphate, 2.5 g/L
  glucose, 2.5 g/L
  sodium chloride, 5 g/L
  soya peptone (papain digest.), 3 g/L
final pH   7.3±0.2 (25 °C)
suitability   nonselective for Bacillus
  nonselective for Bacteria (General Media)
  nonselective for Bacteroides
  nonselective for Campylobacter
  nonselective for Candida
  nonselective for Escherichia coli and Coliforms
  nonselective for Neisseria
  nonselective for Staphylococcus
  nonselective for Streptococcus



For confirmation of Campylobacter jejuni by means of the motility test.

Other Notes

Capability of selective media to detect heat-injured Shigella flexneri1

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