PHR1020 Fluka


pharmaceutical secondary standard; traceable to USP and PhEur

Synonym: 1,2,3-Propanetriol, Glycerin, Glycerol

  • CAS Number 56-81-5

  • Linear Formula HOCH2CH(OH)CH2OH

  • Molecular Weight 92.09

  •  Beilstein Registry Number 635685

  •  EC Number 200-289-5

  •  MDL number MFCD00004722


Related Categories Alcohol, All Alphabetically Sorted, Analytical Standards, Analytical/Chromatography, Chromatography,
grade   certified reference material
vapor density   3.1 (vs air)
vapor pressure   <1 mmHg ( 20 °C)
autoignition temp.   698 °F
refractive index   n20/D 1.474(lit.)
bp   182 °C/20 mmHg(lit.)
mp   20 °C(lit.)
density   1.25 g/mL(lit.)
pharmacopeia traceability   traceable to PhEur G0400000
  traceable to USP 1295607


Analysis Note

These secondary standards offer multi-traceability to the USP, EP (PhEur) and BP primary standards, where they are available.


Glycerol is used both in sample preparation and gel formation for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Glycerol (5-10%) increases the density of a sample so that the sample will layer at the bottom of a gel’s sample well. Glycerol is also used to aid in casting gradient gels and as a protein stabilizer and storage buffer component.

General description

Certified Fluka® pharmaceutical secondary standards for application in quality control provide pharma laboratories and manufacturers with a convenient and cost-effective alternative to pharmacopeia primary standards

Other Notes

This product was designed, produced and verified for accuracy and stability in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (AClass Cert AT-1467), ISO GUIDES 34:2009 (AClass Cert AR-1470).

Legal Information

FLUKA is a registered trademark of FLUKA GmbH

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