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  • 35990 - 2,3-Dichloro-1,4-naphthoquinone


35990 Sigma-Aldrich


for spectrophotometric det. of hydrazides, ≥98.0%

Synonym: Dichlon

  • CAS Number 117-80-6

  • Empirical Formula (Hill Notation) C10H4Cl2O2

  • Molecular Weight 227.04

  •  Beilstein Registry Number 1073511

  •  EC Number 204-210-5

  •  MDL number MFCD00001677

  •  PubChem Substance ID 24862118



Related Categories Analytical Reagents, Analytical/Chromatography, Spectroscopy, UV/Vis Reagents, UV/Visible (UV/VIS) Spectroscopy More...
description   algaecide
assay   ≥98.0% (AT)
quality   for spectrophotometric det. of hydrazides
mp   192-195 °C
  194-197 °C(lit.)


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UN 2811 6.1/PG 3
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Merck 14,3045

Beil. 7,IV,2426

Corp MSDS 1 (1), 1146:A / FT-IR 1 (2), 80:D / FT-IR 2 (2), 2485:B / IR-Spectra (2), 785:A / IR-Spectra (3), 897:E / NMR-Reference 2 (2), 86:D / RegBook 1 (2), 1683:K / Sax 6, 953 / Structure Index 1, 267:D:1

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