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Hyflo® Super Cel®

filter aid, flux calcined, treated with sodium carbonate

Synonym: Diatomaceous earth, flux-calcined



Related Categories Adsorbents, Filter Aids and Drying Agents, Diatomaceous Earth, Essential Chemicals, Research Essentials
quality   flux calcined
  treated with sodium carbonate
composition   Al2O3, 4.0%
  CaO, 0.5%
  Fe2O3, 1.5%
  Na2O + K2O, 3.3%
  SiO2, 89.6%
loss   ~0.2% loss on ignition, 900 °C
median particle size   18 μm (acc. to granulometric method (laser sizer))
pH   >8.5 (25 °C, 10% in aq. suspension)



1 kg in poly bottle

5 kg in fiber drum

Legal Information

Hyflo is a registered trademark of Celite Corp.

Super Cel is a registered trademark of Imerys Minerals California, Inc.

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