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60640 Sigma-Aldrich

Catalase from bovine liver

for technical purposes, in 30% glycerol, ≥200000 U/mL

Synonym: H2O2:H2O2 oxidoreductase



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grade   for technical purposes
quality   in 30% glycerol
mol wt   tetramer mol wt ~250 kDa
  Mr ~240000
contains   ~10% ethanol as stabilizer
concentration   ≥200000 U/mL
isoelectric point   5.4
density   1.06 g/mL at 20 °C
storage temp.   2-8°C
Gene Information   cow ... CAT(280743)



Catalase from bovine liver is a tetramer consisting of 4 equal subunits each with a 60 kDa molecular weight. Each of these subunits contains iron bound to a protoheme IX group. The enzyme will also strongly bind to NADP, where NADP and the heme group are within 13.7 angstroms.


Catalase acts as a natural antioxidant to study the roles of reactive oxygen species in gene expression and apoptosis. It has also been used to protect against oxidative damage to proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids. Industrially, catalses have been used to remove hydrogen peroxide added to milk and cheese, in textile bleaching, and to examine its positive effects on the viability of DNA-repair mutants of E. coli.

Biochem/physiol Actions

Catalase catalyzes the degradation of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. It can also react with alkylhydrogen peroxides, such as methylperoxide and ethylperoxide and the second H2O2 molecule can be replaced by methanol, ethanol, propanol, formate and nitrate as a hydrogen donor.

Other Notes

For removal of oxidation products; used in a disk reactor with immobilized glucose oxidase for the production of gluconic acid

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Unit Definition

1 U corresponds to the amount of enzyme which decomposes 1 μmol H2O2 per minute at pH 7.0 and 25 °C

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Biomedical Applications
Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

GHS02  GHS02
Signal word 
Hazard statements 
UN 1993C 3 / PGIII
WGK Germany 
Flash Point(F) 
105.8 °F
Flash Point(C) 
41 °C


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