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76857 Sigma-Aldrich

Benzalkonium chloride solution

PharmaGrade, EP, USP, Manufactured under appropriate GMP controls for pharma or biopharmaceutical production

Synonym: Alkylbenzyldimethylammonium chloride, Benzalkonii chloridi solution



Related Categories Ammonium Salts, Biochemicals and Reagents, Chemical Synthesis, Detergents, Detergents A to M,
Quality Level   GMP-COMPENDIA
biological source   synthetic
grade   EP
  Ph Eur
product line   PharmaGrade
form   liquid
pharmacopeia   testing & handling conforms to Pharmacopeia
concentration   50% in H2O
impurities   amine and amine salt, complies
  ≤0.05% impurity C : benzylchloride (HPLC)
  ≤0.1% sulfated ash
  ≤0.15% impurity B : benzaldehyde (HPLC)
  ≤0.5% impurity A : benzyl alcohol (HPLC)
suitability   complies for acidity or alkalinity


Analysis Note

Chromatography (HPLC)

relative molecular mass
• determine

ratio of alkyl components
• C12 Homologue ≥40.0 % w/w
• C14 Homologue ≥20.0 % w/w
• C12 + C14 Homologue ≥70.0 % w/w

• Ph. Eur. identification B and NF identification D (HPLC) :tests corresponds to requirements
• Ph. Eur. identification E and NF identification A and B :tests corresponds to requirements
• NF identification C : corresponds to requirements

appearance of solution (Ph. Eur.)
• clear solution (≤3.5 NTU) not more intensely colored than reference solution G6

Ph.Eur. and NF assay (titration)
• 475 g/L - 525 g/L (corresponds to 95.0 - 105.0%)

General description

PharmaGrade products are manufactured under appropriate controls for use as a raw material in pharma or biopharmaceutical production. For more information on the PharmaGrade Program, visit sigma-aldrich.com/safc-pharmagrade.


Enhanced Quality Product Documentation on PharmaGrade aq. Benzalkonium Chloride Solution

Price and Availability

Laboratory Gloves
Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

Signal word 
Hazard statements 
UN3265 - class 8 - PG 2 - EHS - Corrosive liquid, acidic, organic, n.o.s., HI: all
WGK Germany 
Protocols & Articles

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