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B9876 Sigma-Aldrich

Sodium tetraborate decahydrate

ReagentPlus®, ≥99.5%

Synonym: Borax decahydrate, Sodium borate decahydrate



Related Categories Essential Chemicals, Research Essentials, Salts, Sodium Salts
grade   ReagentPlus®
assay   ≥99.5%
density   1.73 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)



Widely used as a buffer. pH of a solution is approx. 9.3 over a wide range of concentrations.


1 kg in poly bottle

5 kg in poly drum

500 g in poly bottle

Legal Information

ReagentPlus is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

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Protocols & Articles

Peer-Reviewed Papers


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Merck 14,8590

Corp MSDS 1 (2), 3155:C / RegBook 1 (3), 3391:G / Sax 6, 2414 / Sigma FT-IR 1 (2), 1016:C

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