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S0751 Sigma-Aldrich

Sodium phosphate monobasic

ReagentPlus®, ≥99.0%

Synonym: Monosodium dihydrogen orthophosphate, Monosodium phosphate, Sodium dihydrogen phosphate



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grade   ReagentPlus®
assay   ≥99.0%
form   powder
pH   4.0 - 4.5 (25 °C, 50 g/L in water)
pKa (25 °C)   (1) 2.15, (2) 6.82, (3) 12.38 (phosphoric acid)



1 kg in poly bottle

100, 500 g in poly bottle

3 kg in poly drum

Legal Information

ReagentPlus is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

Redi-Dri is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

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NONH for all modes of transport
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Enzymatic Assay Kits for Nutrients

Enzymes have found widespread use as analytical tools in food, biochemical and pharmaceutical industries. Because they provide specific, reproducible, sensitive and rapid measurements, they are ideal...
Andrea Felgner
AnalytiX Volume 7 Article 4
Keywords: Absorption, Catalysis, Centrifugation, Filtration, Industries, Metabolism, Nucleic acid denaturation, Oxidations, Pharmaceutical, Reductions, Sample preparations, Solvents

Enzymatic Food Analysis

Enzymatic methods for food analysis are highly specific and offer considerable time and cost savings over other methods, especially from the sample preparation standpoint. Sigma-Aldrich offers a wide...
Jvo Siegrist
Product Manager Microbiology ivo.siegrist@sial.com, AnalytiX Volume 9 Article 2
Keywords: Absorption, Clinical, Degradations, Diabetes, Enzyme activity, Food Analysis, Nutrition, Obesity, Sample preparations


Enzymatic Assay of Choloylglycine Hydrolase

To standardize a procedure for the determination of the enzymatic assay of choloylglycine hydrolase.
Keywords: Enzyme activity

Enzymatic Assay of Hyaluronidase (

The turbidimetric determination (% Transmittance at 600 nm, Light path = 1 cm) is based on the following reaction:
Keywords: Extinction coefficient

Enzymatic Assay of Trypsin Inhibitor

This procedure applies to all products that have a specification for Trypsin Inhibition at Sigma-Aldrich, St. Louis.

Enzymatic Assay of Trypsinogen

This scope of this procedure applies to products that have a specification for the enzymatic activity of trypsinogen.
Keywords: Enzyme activity, Extinction coefficient

Enzymatic Assay of Urease from Jack Beans

The scope of this procedure is for all products that have a specification for the enzymatic determination of Urease, from Jack Beans. This assay is not to be used to determine the activity of Urease,...
Keywords: Indicators, Sonication, Titrations

Enzymatic Assay of α-AMYLASE (EC

3.2. Unit Definition - One unit will liberate 1.0 mg of maltose from starch in 3 minutes at pH 6.9 at 20°C.
Keywords: Enzyme activity, Enzymology

Procedure for Enzymatic Assay of Trypsin (EC

This procedure is for products with a specification for Trypsin activity using Nα-Benzoyl-L-arginine ethyl ester (BAEE) as a substrate. The procedure is a continuous spectrophotometric rate determina...

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