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W1761 Sigma-Aldrich

Wilkins Chalgren anaerobic agar

for microbiology



Related Categories All Solid Media/Agars, Anaerobic Bacteria, Bacteroides, Bifidobacteria, Clinical Media,
grade   for microbiology
shelf life   limited shelf life, expiry date on the label
final pH   7.1±0.2 (25 °C)
suitability   Anaerobic Bacteria
  selective for Bacteroides
  selective for Bifidobacteria
  selective for Clostridia



Ingredients (g/L)
Casein enzymatic hydrolysate, 10.00
Peptic digest of animal tissue, 10.00
Yeast extract, 5.00
Dextrose, 1.00
Sodium chloride, 5.00
L-Arginine, 1.00
Sodium pyruvate, 1.00
Hemin, 0.005
Menadione, 0.0005
Agar, 10.00


Used for the isolation of anaerobic bacteria.

Preparation Note

Supplements :
For the cultivation of anaerobes:2 vial/l Non-Spore Anaerobic Supplement (Cat. No. N8781) or
G.N. Spore Anaerobic Supplement

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Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

NONH for all modes of transport
WGK Germany 


Certificate of Analysis

Protocols & Articles


Microbiological Media and Detection

Molecular biology-based methods, like PCR, can be used for lactobacilli detection. However, they are often quite expensive. Sigma-Aldrich provides a revolutionary molecular biology method that is rap...
Chloe McClanahan
BioFiles Edition 6.2
Keywords: Amplification, Anaerobic, Antimicrobials, Magnetic resonance spectroscopy, Molecular biology, Nucleic acid hybridization, Polymerase chain reaction, Reductions

Microbiology Introduction

An initial aim of all microbiologists is the reproducible growth of their microbial cultures, no matter whether the microorganisms are of natural origin or have been genetically engineered by man. Re...
Keywords: Absorption, Aerobic, Anaerobic, Antibiotics, Antimicrobials, Buffers, Culture media, Diffusion, Environmental, Filtration, Genetic, Growth factors, Metabolism, Phase transitions, Precipitation, Reductions, Respiration, Sample preparations, Vitamins

Microbiology Theory: Media Preparation

Microorganisms need nutrients, a source of energy and certain environmental conditions in order to grow and reproduce. In the environment, microbes have adapted to the habitats most suitable for thei...
Keywords: Culture media, Digestions, Environmental, Filtration, Growth factors, Indicators, Microbiology, Phase transitions, Precipitation, Vitamins

Probiotics and Human Health

At the beginning of the 20th century, probiotics were thought to have a beneficial effect to the host by improving the intestinal microbial balance. Through his studies and observations, the Russian ...
Chloe McClanahan
BioFiles Edition 6.2
Keywords: AGE, Absorption, Adhesion, Amplification, Anaerobic, Antimicrobials, Apoptosis, Cancer, Capillary electrophoresis, Carcinogens, Cell culture, Cell proliferation, Chromatography, Coagulation, Detoxification, Diagnostic, Diseases, Enzyme activity, Fermentation, Gas chromatography, Gastrointestinal, Genomics, High performance liquid chromatography, Immunology, Inflammation, Magnetic resonance spectroscopy, Metabolism, Metabolites, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Nucleic acid hybridization, Pharmaceutical, Phosphorylations, Polymerase chain reaction, Polymerase chain reaction - quantitative, Prebiotics, Probiotics, Reductions, Respiratory, Sequencing, Thin layer chromatography, Titrations


The name “Probiotics” is derived from Latin (pro) and Greek (biotic) roots meaning “for life”. Probiotics are defined as live bacteria with beneficial effects to the health of the host organism. Toda...
Jvo Siegrist
Microbiology Focus Edition 2.3
Keywords: AGE, Adhesion, Amplification, Anaerobic, Cell culture, Coagulation, Diagnostic, Diseases, Fermentation, Genomics, Immunology, Metabolism, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Nucleic acid hybridization, Pharmaceutical, Phosphorylations, Polymerase chain reaction, Prebiotics, Probiotics, Respiratory

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