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  • 01824 - Acylase I, immobilized on Eupergit® C from Aspergillus sp.

01824 Sigma

Acylase I, immobilized on Eupergit® C from Aspergillus sp.

≥50 U/g moist material

Synonym: Aminoacylase, immobilized, Plexazym® AC



Analysis Note

moist pearls (dried substance ~30%, pearl diameter 50-100 μm), covalent fixation of the acylase

General description

the immobilized acylase catalyzes the hydrolysis of N-acetyl-DL-amino acid to L-amino acid, the D-form is not attacked

Other Notes

The immobilized acylase is used for the convenient resolution of amino acids via the selective deacetylation of N-acetyl-L-amino acids in DL-racemates


Standard procedure: a 10-20% substrate solution, pH 6-8, with an addition of CoCl2 (10-4 moles) at 33°C was used. Prior to use the polymer was washed with water (50 times bed volumes); when used in a fixed bed reactor, a velocity of flow of 3 bed volumes/h leads to a hydrolysis degree of 80%

Unit Definition

1 U corresponds to the amount of enzyme which hydrolyzes 1 μmol N-acetyl-L-methionine per minute at pH 8.0 and 25°C

Legal Information

Eupergit is a registered trademark of Röhm GmbH & Co. KG

Plexazym is a registered trademark of Röhm GmbH & Co. KG

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NONH for all modes of transport
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