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≥99% (HPLC), powder



Ganciclovir is used in molecular biology for selection against random recombination events when homologous recombination of a gene of interest is required.

Biochem/physiol Actions

Ganciclovir is a pro-drug nucleoside analog that is activated by phosphorylation. It is useful in the study of gene therapy in cancer research.
Upon expression of a viral suicide gene encoding thymidine kinase, the non-toxic pro-drug is converted to a phosphorylated active analog and is incorporated into the DNA of replicating eukaryotic cells, causing death of the malignant dividing cell.1 The cell cycle is irreversibly arrested at the G2-M checkpoint.2 Gap junction involvement in the ganciclovir bystander effect has been studied.3 Ganciclovir has been used to study loss of telomeres4 and to evaluate sensitivity of viruses to antiviral treatments.5

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