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A6191 Sigma

Antipain dihydrochloride from microbial source

protease inhibitor

Synonym: N-(Nα-Carbonyl-Arg-Val-Arg-al)-Phe



Concentrations for 50% inhibition (μg/ml):
papain, 0.16
trypsin, 0.26
cathepsin A, 1.19
cathepsin B, 0.59
cathepsin D, 125
plasmin, >93
chymotrypsin and pepsin, >250
It also has been reported to inhibit calpain I, (porcine) with Ki = 1.4 μM

Preparation Note

Solubility testing at 50 mg/ml in water yields a clear to slightly hazy yellow solution. It is reportedly soluble in methanol, water, and DMSO; less soluble in ethanol, butanol, and propanol; insoluble in benzene, hexane, and chloroform.8 A stock solution in water or buffer is stable for about a month at -20 °C.

Dilute solutions should be stored on ice and kept for only a day because of the terminal aldehyde, which is subject to oxidation and racemization.

Stock solutions in water or buffer stable for 1 week at 4 °C, 1 month at −20 °C.

Biochem/physiol Actions

Reversible inhibitor of serine/cysteine proteases and some trypsin-like serine proteases. Its action resembles leupeptin; however, its plasmin inhibition is less and its cathepsin A inhibition is more than that observed with leupeptin. Chronic administration of antipain can reduce the frequency of chemically induced transformation in BALB/c-/3T3 cells.1

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