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C2081 Sigma

Anti-α-Catenin antibody produced in rabbit

whole antiserum

Synonym: Anti-α-Catenin



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species reactivity   several mammalian species
application(s)   dot blot: suitable using α-catenin peptide amino acids 890-901 conjugated to BSA
  immunohistochemistry (frozen sections): 1:2,000 using bovine kidney sections
  indirect immunofluorescence: 1:2,000 using cultured MDBK cells
  microarray: suitable
  western blot: 1:4,000 using cultured MDBK cells extract
clone   polyclonal
antibody form   whole antiserum
mol wt   antigen mol wt ~102 kDa
contains   15 mM sodium azide
shipped in   dry ice
storage temp.   −20°C
Gene Information   human ... CTNNA1(1495)
mouse ... Ctnna1(12385)
rat ... Ctnna1(307505)
biological source   rabbit
conjugate   unconjugated



synthetic peptide corresponding to the C-terminal region (amino acids 890-901) of human/mouse α-catenin conjugated to KLH.

General description

Rabbit polyclonal anti-α-Catenin antibody is used to detect various mammalian species α-catenin proteins. The antiserum show no cross-reactivity with β-catenin peptide (amino acids 768-781) conjugated to BSA. Does not cross-react with β-catenin or γ-catenin (plakoglobin).

The distinct peripheral cytosolic proteins, α-, β- and γ-catenin (102 kDa, 94 kDa and 86 kDa, respectively) are found in varying abundance in many developing and adult tissues. The catenins bind, directly or indirectly, to the conserved cytoplasmic tail domain of the cell-adhesion cadherins. Cadherins are transmembrane cell surface glycoprotein molecules that mediate calcium-dependent intercellular interactions and are important for tissue morphogenesis. The linkage of the epithelial E-cadherin/uvomorulin to actin is essential for the cell binding function of this cadherin. Catenins link E-cadherin to other integral membrane proteins such as Na+/K+ -ATPase, or to cytoplasmic proteins such as fodrin, ankyrin, Src and Yes kinases and are modulated by Wnt-1 protooncogene. They are considered good candidates for mediating transduction of cell-cell contact positional signals to the cell interior. Within its conserved regions, α-catenin shows 30% idENTITY_TYPE_CODE to vinculin, a protein found mainly in focal cell-cell and cell substrate adhesions. Vinculin is known to interact with α-actinin, which in turn is associated with actin filaments in their site of attachment to the cell membrane focal contacts. α-Catenin appears to be capable of interacting with N-cadherin and P-cadherin. Absence of α-catenin is found in certain tumor cell lines. Frequent reduction of α-catenin levels in human carcinomas of the esophagus, stomach and colon is also reported.


Does not cross-react with β-catenin or γ-catenin (plakoglobin).


Rabbit polyclonal anti-α-Catenin antibody is used to tag α-catenin for detection and quantitation by immunocytochemical and immunohistochemical (IHC) techniques such as dot blot immunoassay and immunoblotting. Anti-α-Catenin may be used for the immuno-localization of α-catenin by various immunohistochemical methods using frozen tissue sections and cultured cells. It is used as a probe to determine the presence and roles of α-catenin in mediating the transduction of cell-cell contact positional signals to the cell interior.

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