C3646 Sigma


from shrimp shells, ≥75% (deacetylated)

Synonym: Deacetylated chitin, Poly(D-glucosamine)



Related Categories Activity, Activity Other, Biochemicals and Reagents, Carbohydrate adjuvants, Carbohydrates,
biological source   from shrimp shells
assay   ≥75% (deacetylated)
form   powder or flakes
solubility   acetic acid: water: soluble10 mg/mL, hazy (with extensive sonication)
  H2O: insoluble
  organic solvents: insoluble
bulk density   0.15-0.3 g/cm3


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Analysis Note

The degree of acetylation may be determined by dye binding7 or titration methods8.


10, 25, 100, 500 g in poly bottle

Preparation Note

Prepared by the alkaline deacetylation of chitin obtained from the shells of shrimp (Pandalus borealis). Chitin is manufactured industrially by crushing shrimp shells, then washing the solids with acids to remove inorganic and proteinaceous material. The purified chitin is deacetylated to chitosan by treatment with a strong base such as sodium hydroxide. The resulting chitosan may be further purified by preparation of solutions in acid followed by neutralization and precipitation.


May contain foreign matter.


Forms gels with multivalent anions. Gives clear solutions that dry to strong, clear films.

Shrimp shell derived chitosan, deacetylated chitin (poly β-1,4-D-glucosamine), may be used as a biocompatible, antibacterial and environmentally friendly polyelectrolyte biomaterial with a variety of applications including uses in water treatment, chromatography, additives for cosmetics, textile treatment for antimicrobial activity, novel fibers for textiles, photographic papers, biodegradable films, biomedical devices, and microcapsule implants for controlled release in drug delivery. It may be derivatized to further expand its uses.

Features and Benefits

Biocompatible, antibacterial and environmentally friendly polyelectrolyte with a variety of applications1 including water treatment, chromatography, additives for cosmetics, textile treatment for antimicrobial activity,2 novel fibers for textiles, photographic papers, biodegradable films,3 biomedical devices, and microcapsule implants for controlled release in drug delivery.4,5,6

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from shrimp shells, practical grade

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Protocols & Articles


Enzymatic Assay of Chitosanase from Streptomyces Species

1. OBJECTIVE To standardize a procedure for determining the enzymatic activity of Chitosanase.
Keywords: Biochemistry, Enzyme activity, Microbiology

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Microparticles with controlled size and morphology are of significant interest in the fields of drug delivery and biopharmaceuticals. The objective of this study was to assess the effect of processin...
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Structure Index 1, 501:A:1

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