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Clinical Diagnosis and Management by Laboratory Methods, 20th ed.

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publication info   J.B. Henry, ed., W.B. Saunders Co., 2001, 1512 pp., hard cover
mfr. no.   Elsevier


General description

Here′s the revised, expanded, and updated new edition of the "gold standard" in laboratory medicine. Readers will find comprehensive, integrated scientific guidance for diagnosis and clinical management as well as disease prevention and health promotion. It retains its focus on medical and laboratory problem-solving, while enabling readers to develop a clear understanding of the order and sequence of lab tests, as well as the interpretation of results, and incorporates the most current laboratory and diagnostic methods in use today.

Table of Contents

1. The nature of pathology
2. Cell injury and its manifestations
3. Cell and tissue death
4. Acute inflammation I: introduction
5. Acute inflammation II: cellular events and chemical mediators
6. Factors that modify the inflammatory reaction
7. The natural history of acute inflammation I: resolution and regeneration
8. The natural history of acute inflammation II: wound healing
9. The natural history of acute inflammation III: chronicity
10. The immune system
11. Disorders related to the immune system
12. Autoimmune system
13. Transplantation and the major histocompatibility complex
14. Granulomatous inflammation
15. Some specific granulomatous disorders
16. Amyloid and the amyloidoses
17. General pathology of viral infection
18. The pathological bases of ischaemia I: atherosclerosis
19. The pathological bases of ischaemia II: thrombosis
20. The pathological bases of ischaemia III: embolism
21. Ischaemia and infarction
22. Abnormal accumulations of fluid and disturbances of blood distribution
23. Pigmentation and heterotopic calcification
24. Neoplasia: disorders of cell proliferation and differentiation
25. Non-neoplastic disturbances in cell growth and proliferation
26. Cell proliferation and differentiation in relation to neoplasia
27. Relationship of neoplastic cells with their environment: tumour spread
28. Effects of neoplasms on the host
29. Effect of the host on neoplasms
30. Oncogenesis and the molecular biology of cancer
31. Oncogenesis
32. Genetic disorders
33. Single gene defects

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