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KlenTaq® LA polymerase mix



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For Long, Accurate PCR
KlenTaq LA DNA Polymerase mix is a special two-polymerase blend for long, high-fidelity PCR, an optimal blend of KlenTaq-1 and a proof-reading polymerase. KlenTaq-1 is a Klenow-fragment analog of Taq DNA polymerase that possesses no exonuclease or endonuclease activity. It is more thermostable than native Taq and other N-terminal deletions of Taq. The second polymerase possesses the 3′→5′ exonuclease activity that is necessary for proofreading. This formulation achieves greater yields with higher fidelity (up to 4×) than standard Taq DNA polymerase. Because KlenTaq-1 has a broad magnesium optimum, it is generally not necessary to optimize the Mg++ concentration.

Features and Benefits

• Excellent for amplification of less complex DNA targets such as bacterial and viral targets and cDNA up to 10 kb
• Greater fidelity than standard Taq polymerase (up to 4×)
• Ideal for amplifying templates with difficult secondary structure or GC-rich templates (due to increased thermostability)
• More robust, more flexible, and easier to optimize than single-enzyme systems
• Mg++ concentration generally does not need to be optimized


Supplied as 9 units/μl and used at 4.5 units/50μl reaction.

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KlenTaq is a registered trademark of Wayne Barnes

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