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H4409 Sigma

EX-CELL® CD Hybridoma Medium, Chemically Defined

Animal-component free, with sodium bicarbonate, without L-glutamine, liquid, sterile-filtered, suitable for hybridoma, suitable for cell culture

Synonym: Hybridoma Medium



Related Categories Cell Culture, Hybridoma Media, Hybridoma Platform, Serum-free Media
Quality Level   GMP
description   for research or for further manufacturing use
sterility   sterile-filtered
form   liquid
impurities   endotoxin, tested
suitability   suitable for cell culture
  suitable for hybridoma
storage temp.   2-8°C



Do not freeze. Protect from light. Several components of the medium are light labile and should not be exposed to light for lengthy periods of time. When stored at 2-8°C in the dark, medium that has not been supplemented is stable until the expiration date on the label.

Features and Benefits

This medium offers the advantages of reduced raw material costs and uniform lot-to-lot product consistency. In addition, it reduces the risk of contamination by adventitious agents associated with animal-derived materials, making it of particular interest for biopharmaceutical applications. Cells can be successfully transferred from serum-supplemented cultures to these medium with little or no adaptation.
Developed to meet the needs of biotechnology manufacturing, this medium supports rapid initial cell growth and high levels of antibody expression. It also supports high cell densities at high viability for extended periods without the use of animal-derived proteins.


Prior to use medium should be warmed to 37°C and supplemented with 50 ml/L of 200 mM L-glutamine.

Legal Information

EX-CELL is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

Protocols & Applications

ECACC Handbook-Fundamental Techniques in Cell Culture

Price and Availability

All labs need water
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