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High Throughput Synthesis: Principles and Practices

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publication info   I. Sucholeiki, ed., Marcel Dekker, 2001, 400 pp., hard cover
mfr. no.   Marcel Dekker


General description

This reference presents an extensive compilation of "how-to" methods, novel materials, and catalyst developments for creating a multitude of new compounds. It couples introductory sections with case studies that clarify theory through practice, emphasizing potential for reproducing experiments in detail. This text explores research areas such as microfluidics and sensor development. It describes hands-on mechanics toward high-throughput synthesis of new materials and catalysts, along with automated, robotic, and nonautomated synthesizers for production of compound libraries.

Table of Contents

Part I: Theory and Methods in Solid Phase Organic Synthesis
Chapter 1: An Introduction to Solid Phase Organic Synthesis,
Chapter 2: Methods of Analysis to Determine the Progress of a Chemical Reaction on Solid Support,
Part II: High-Throughput Synthesis for Drug Discovery
Chapter 3: High-Throughput Organic Synthesis: A Perspective Looking Back on 10 Years of Combinatorial Chemistry,
Chapter 4: Techniques and Strategies for Producing Compound Libraries for Biological Screening,
Case Study 4-1: A gamma Turn Mimetic Library: Development and Production
Case Study 4-2: Production of an alpha Ketoamide-Containing Library via Convergent Parallel Synthesis,
Case Study 4-3: Manual Solid Phase Synthesis of a Fully Encoded, 46,656-Member Benzimidazole Library,
Case Study 4-4: Protease Substrate Specificity Mapping Using Membrane- Bound Peptides,
Case Study 4-5: Characterization of the Epitope Specificity of Antibodies Using Membrane-Bound Peptides,
Case Study 4-6: Rapid Parallel Synthesis Utilizing Microwave Irradiation,
Chapter 5: High-Throughput Purification Strategies,
Case Study 5-1: Fluorous Scavening,
Case Study 5-2: Polymer-Assisted Solution Phase Synthesis of alpha Ketoamides,
Case Study 5-3: Ion Exchange Resins for the Preparation of Amide Libraries,
Chapter 6: Automating High-Throughput Organic Synthesis,
Case Study 6-1: Automated Robotic Parallel Synthesis of a Small-Molecule Library Using Multistep Reactions on Solid Support,
Case Study 6-2: Solid-Phase Parallel Synthesis of Large Tetrahydroisoquinolinone Library,
Case Study 6-3: Solid-Phase Parallel Synthesis of a Large Array of Tetrahydroisoquinolinones,
Case Study 6-4: High-Output Solid-Phase Synthesis of Discrete Compounds Using Directed Split-and-Pool Strategy,
Case Study 6-5: Multistep Synthesis of 1,2,3-Thiadiazoles Using "Catch and Release",
Case Study 6-6: Automated Multistep Solution Phase Synthesis of Diamines and Allylic Amines,
Part III: High-Throughout Synthesis of New Materials and Catalysts
Chapter 7: Synthesis and High-Throughput Evaluation of Complex Functional Materials Chips,
Case Study 7-1: Studies of Ferroelectric/Dielectric Materials Using Combinatorial Materials Chips,
Case Study 7-2: Synthesis and Evaluation of Thin-Film Dielectrics Using a Composition Spread Approach,
Chapter 8: High-Throughput Screening of Catalyst Libraries,
Case Study 8-1: High-Throughput Screening of Titanium–Tripeptide Schiff Base Complexes for Catalytic Asymmetrical Addition of Trimethylsilylcyanide to Epoxides and Imines,
Case Study 8-2: Selection of Effective Polymer-Bound Acyl Transfer Catalysts by Infrared Thermography,
Part IV: New Directions in High-Throughput Synthesis
Chapter 9: Microfluidic Analysis, Screening, and Synthesis,
Chapter 10: Sensors,
Chapter 11: Use of Magnetic Separation Coupled with Power Ultrasound for High-Throughput Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis,

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