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Escort III Transfection Reagent

Lipid reagent for transfecting sensitive and primary cells



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Escort III formulation:
1 mg/mL total lipid in water

Note the identity of the lipids used in Escort III is confidential.


Suitable for transient and stable transfection of nucleic acids into cultured eukaryotic cells. Use approximately 2-8 μl Escort III and 2 μg DNA per 6 cm cell culture plate. Protocol optimization provides very efficient transfection. The following cells have been successfully transfected using Escort III:

C2C12 myotubes
Cardiomyocytes (rat)
Fibroblasts (rat)
Germ cells (male rat)
Hepatocytes (rat and hamster)
Keratinocytes (human)
Myoblasts (mouse and quail)
Myocytes (mouse)
Retinal Neurons (rat)
Tracheobronchial cells (sheep)


Do not freeze.

Features and Benefits

• Suitable for stable and transient transfection
• Optimized for a wide variety of primary cells
• Low toxicity
• Compatible with both serum and serum-free transfection protocols
• Ideal for PC-12 cells

General description

Escort III is a unique formulation of a proprietary polycationic lipid and a neutral non-transfecting lipid. This liposome-forming compound is used for transfection of nucleic acids into primary cells.


A stable complex is formed when Escort III is mixed with DNA in the absence of serum. The complexes are stable and can be directly added to the cell culture medium, where they fuse with the cell membrane, releasing the DNA into the cytoplasm. Note: complex formation is inhibited by serum, but once stable complexes have formed, the presence of serum is without consequence.

Legal Information

Escort is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

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Safety Information

Personal Protective Equipment 
NONH for all modes of transport
WGK Germany 


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Protocols & Articles


Introduction to Transfection

Transfection involves the introduction of DNA or RNA into eukaryotic cells and is used in research to study and modulate gene expression. Thus, transfection techniques serve as an analytical tool tha...
Keywords: Apoptosis, Biological techniques, Drug discovery, Gene expression, Genetic, Precipitation, Transfection, transformation

Transfection Best Practices

The work of scientific research is an art which requires good attention to detail.  The quality of transfection is highest when these commonly used best practices and notes on optimization are employ...
Keywords: Antibiotics, Apoptosis, Growth factors, Molecular biology, Purification, Transfection

Transfection Reagent Selection Guide

Choosing a transfection reagent is easier when you can rely on the work of researchers who have used it before you. During development of each reagent, good transfection efficiency was verified in a ...
Keywords: Transfection


Escort™ III Transfection Reagent Protocol

Escort III is a liposome suspension composed of a polycationic lipid and a neutral, non-transfecting lipid compound.  Transfection using liposomes is a commonly used method for the introduction of DN...
Keywords: Cell culture, Transfection

Escort™ IV Transfection Reagent Protocol

Escort IV is a liposome suspension composed of a polycationic lipid and a neutral, non-transfecting lipid compound.  Transfection using liposomes is a commonly used method for the introduction of DNA...
Keywords: Cell culture, Transfection

Lipid Transfection Optimization Protocol

There are many steps of the lipid transfection protocol that can be optimized if the initial transfection attempt is not successful. You may boost transfection efficiency and/or lower toxicity by opt...
Keywords: Cell culture, Transfection

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