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M7279 Sigma


powder, for molecular biology, for electrophoresis, ≥99.5%

Synonym: BIS



Related Categories Acrylamides, Core Bioreagents, Electrophoresis of Glycans, Gel Cross-Linkers, Glycan Labeling and Analysis,
grade   for electrophoresis
  for molecular biology
assay   ≥99.5%
form   powder
impurities   ≤0.05% Free carboxylic acid (T)
  ≤50 mg/kg Total sulfur (as SO4 ) (ICP)
conductivity   ≤10 μmho (2% solution)
anion traces   chloride (Cl-): ≤50 mg/kg
cation traces   Ca: ≤10 ppm
  Cd: ≤5 ppm
  Co: ≤5 ppm
  Cr: ≤5 ppm
  Cu: ≤5 ppm
  Fe: ≤5 ppm
  K: ≤50 ppm
  Mg: ≤5 ppm
  Mn: ≤5 ppm
  Na: ≤50 ppm
  Ni: ≤5 ppm
  Pb: ≤5 ppm
  Zn: ≤5 ppm
absorption   A1%/290 ≤0.2
foreign activity   DNase and RNase, none detected



To be mixed with acrylamide for making polyacrylamide gels for use in protein and nucleic acid electrophoresis.


25, 100, 250 g in poly bottle

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suitable for electrophoresis (after filtration or allowing insolubles to settle)

<I>N</I>,<I>N</I>′-Methylenebisacrylamide solution

for electrophoresis, 2% in H2O

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GHS07  GHS07
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WGK Germany 

Protocols & Articles


NMR Analysis of Glycans

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy measures the extent to which a glycan or other molecule distorts a magnetic field. This technique is non-destructive and can provide full structural info...
Glycobiology Analysis Manual, 2nd Edition
Keywords: Cancer, Digestions, Electrophoresis, Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, Separation, Spectroscopy

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Beil. 2,IV,1472

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