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NMR in Microbiology: Theory and Applications

  •  ISBN-10 1-89848621-2

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publication info   J. Barbotin and J. Portais, ed., Horizon Scientific Press, 2000, 500 pp., hard cover
mfr. no.   Horizon Scientific Press


General description

NMR is becoming an important technique in all areas of microbiological research. It is used for elucidation of structures of macromolecules such as proteins and polysaccharides, for non-invasive analysis of metabolism in many organisms, and for metabolome analysis. This book describes theory and practical applications of NMR. Topics include NMR and microorganisms, in situ NMR systems, determination of the structures of microbial polysaccharides, and analysis of biological membrane structure.

Table of Contents

Chapter List:
1: NMR Basic Principles
2: NMR and Microorganisms
3: In situ NMR Systems
4: Use of 13C labeling and NMR Spectroscopy in Metabolic Flux Analysis
5: Data Analysis And Modelisation
6: Two-Dimensional NMR Spectroscopy
7: Structure Determination of Microbial olysaccharides by High Resolution NMR Spectroscopy
8: NMR Studies of Bacterial Sugar Transport System
9: Use of NMR in Protein-Water Exchange Studies
10: In Situ Measurements of Enzyme Activities by NMR
11: Biological Membrane Structure by Solid-State NMR
12: Pathways with NMR: Metabolism of Amino Acids in Corynebacteria
13: Propionic Acid Bacteria
14: NMR Investigations of Yeast Metabolism: Biochemistry and Biotechnology Applications
15: NMR Investigations of Polymer Biosynthesis. The Case of a Multiproductive Bacterium, Sinorhizobium meliloti
16: Sugar Transport and Metabolism in Fermentative Bacteria
17: NMR on Bacterial Biofilms and Model Systems
18: Comparative NMR Analysis of Stable Isotope Labeling Patterns. Biosynthesis of Gallic Acid
19: Microbial Degradation of Xenobiotics
20: Application of Solid-State NMR to Investigate Organic Biogeochemistry in Soils
21: Metabolic Engineering: A Framework for the Integration of Genomic and Physiological Data
22: Future Trends in Complex Microbial Reaction Studies

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