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Natural Killer Cell Protocols

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publication info   K.S. Campbell and M. Colonna, ed., Humana Press, US, 2000, 408 pp., hard cover
mfr. no.   Humana


General description

A collection of classic techniques, new approaches to standard methods and unique models for manipulating and studying natural killer cells. Those include in vitro transendothelial migration, in vivo detection of cells migrating into tumors, immunofluorescence staining of intracellular cytokines and in vitro NK cell development. Techniques include vaccinia virus protein expression and calcium mobilization in cell conjugates.

Table of Contents

Cloning and Culturing of Human Natural Killer Cells,
Generation of Short-Term Murine Natural Killer Cell Clones to Analyze Ly49 Gene Expression,
Cloning and Culturing of Fetal Mouse Natural Killer Cells,
Techniques for Studying Development of Human Natural Killer Cells and T Cells,
Murine Natural Killer Cell Cloning from Fetal Thymic Organ Cultures,
Generation of HLA Class I Transfected Target Cell Lines,
Murine Natural Killer Cells and Hybrid Resistance to Hemopoietic Cells in vivo.
Hybrid Resistance by Mouse Natural Killer Cells in vitro,
Use of Activated Natural Killer Cells for Tumor Immunotherapy in Mouse and Human,
Methods for in vivo Analyses of Natural Killer (NK) Cells,
Assay for the Transendothelial Migration of Human Natural Killer Cells,
Methods for Analyzing Chromatin Changes Accompanying Apoptosis of Target Cells in Killer Cell Assays,
Methods for Detecting Lytic Granules in Natural Killer Cells,
Fluorogenic Substrates as Detectors of Caspase Activity During Natural Killer Cell-Induced Apoptosis,
Techniques for Studying Murine Natural Killer Cells in Defense Against Viral Infection,
Assays for Antibody-Dependent Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity (ADCC) and Reverse ADCC (Redirected Cytotoxicity) in Human Natural Killer Cells,
Multiple Color Immunofluorescence for Cytokine Detection at the Single Cell Level,
Generation of Antibodies to Cell Surface Markers on Mature NK Cells,
Human Single Chain Fv Fragments Specific for Natural Killer Cell Receptors from Phage Display Libraries,
Binding of Soluble KIR-Fc Fusion Proteins to HLA Class I,
Genetic Analysis of a Highly Homologous Gene Family: The Killer Cell Immunoglobulin-Like Receptors.
Use of Vaccinia Virus for Functional Gene Transfer in Human Natural Killer Cells.
Use of cDNA Library Expression Cloning to Identify Components of Heterodimeric Receptor Complexes,
Functional Analysis of NK Cell Receptors in the RNK-16 Rat Leukemic Cell Line,
Use of Mutant Jurkat T Cell Lines to Define Human Natural Killer Cell Surface Receptor Signaling Pathways,
Measurement of Calcium Mobilization Responses in Killer Cell/Target Conjugates by FACS Analysis,
BIAcore Analysis to Test Phosphopeptide-SH2 Interactions,
Analysis and Use of Mutant Mice Exhibiting Natural Killer Cell Defects,
Isolation and Analysis of Natural Killer Cells in Chickens,
Analyzing Nonspecific Cytotoxic Cells in Fish.
Natural Killer Cells and Immunotoxicology,
Appendix. Index

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