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  • N6655 - Anti-Nerve Growth Factor 2.5S antibody produced in rabbit

N6655 Sigma

Anti-Nerve Growth Factor 2.5S antibody produced in rabbit

fractionated antiserum, buffered aqueous solution

Synonym: Anti-NGF-2.5S



NGF-2.5S from male mouse submaxillary glands.

General description

Nerve growth factors are essential for the development and maintenance of the nervous system. Nerve growth factor (NGF) binds to either to NGF receptor (NGFR) or the Trk receptor and can elicit biological responses through each of the receptors independently. NGF is important in the survival and differentiation of neurons and neural crest-derived cells during embryonic and early postnatal development and maintenance of peripheral neurons. There are two molecular forms of NGF, 7S NGF and 2.5S NGF, that have identical neurotrophic effect on neurons. Signaling of NGF through NGFR is also implicated in inflammation and allergic reactions. Expression of NGFR has been associated with favorable prognosis and survival in breast and pancreatic cancers. Nerve Growth Factor 2.5S recognizes human and mouse 2.5S NGF. It may be used in monitoring for NGF (2.5S, β and 7S).

Physical form

Solution in phosphate buffered saline.


May be used in monitoring for NGF (2.5S, β and 7S).


Anti-Nerve Growth Factor 2.5S antibody may be used for immunoblotting and dot blot at a minimum antibody working dilution of 1:2000. Antibody dilution of 1:1000 was used for immunoblotting using extracts of nucleus raphe magus tissue of rats. The antibody was used for immunofluorescence of mouse astrocytes and for neutralization assays.

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