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Protein-Protein Interactions: A Molecular Cloning Manual

  •  ISBN-10 0-87969-628-1

  •  ISBN-13 978-0-87969-628-3



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publication info   A. Golemis and I. Serebriiskii, ed., Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2002, 600 pp., soft cover
mfr. no.   Cold Spring Harbor


General description

As more genetic and biochemical information about the protein components of cells accumulates, the analysis of protein-protein interactions is becoming increasingly important. This manual presents a wide range of techniques for identifying and analyzing these interactions, starting with standard molecular and biochemical techniques, and progressing to biophysical and computational approaches and therapeutic and other post-genomic applications. This manual is a complement to the best selling laboratory manual "Molecular Cloning".

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Overview

SECTION ONE: The Biological Context for Protein Interaction Studies; Physiological Indicators of Protein-Protein Interaction
Chapter 2: Signal Transduction and Mammalian Cell Growth
Chapter 3: Human Genetic Diversity, Disease, and Pharmacogenomics

SECTION TWO: Standard Technologies Used to Identify and Characteze Protein-Protein Interactions
Chapter 4: Utilization of GST-fusions in pull-down, affinity column, and Far-Western approaches
Chapter 5: Co-immunoprecipitations
Chapter 6: Protein cross-linking
Chapter 7: Transcription-based two-hybrid systems: Yeast and Bacteria
Chapter 8: Phage display,
Chapter 9: Genetic approaches to the study of protein-protein interactions

SECTION THREE: Biophysical Approaches to Identify and Characterize Protein-Protein Interactions
Chapter 10: Imaging protein interactions by FRET microscopy
Chapter 11: PRIM: Fluorescence detection of interactions,
Chapter 12: Characterization of multiprotein complexes by mass spectrometry,
Chapter 13: Atomic force microscopy,
Chapter 14: Biacore,
Chapter 15: Analysis of protein interactions using a quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) biosensor,

SECTION FOUR: Recent Developments and Other Tools: Reviews and Short Protocols
Chapter 16: Protease footprinting,
Chapter 17: Tandem affinity purification,
Chapter 18: Copurification by inverse transition cycling,
Chapter 19: Small pool expression cloning (IVEC),
Chapter 20: Using Xenopus egg extracts to modify recombinant proteins,
Chapter 21: Using lambda repressor fusions to isolate and characterize self-assembly domains,
Chapter 22: The membrane-based yeast two-hybrid system,
Chapter 23: Proteins interactions in live calls monitored by beta-galactosidase complementation,
Chapter 24: Identification of protein-single chain antibody interaction in vivo using two-hybrid protocols,
Chapter 25: DHFR reconstitution and library-by-library screening,
Chapter 26: A bacterial two-component system,
Chapter 27: Peptides aptamers to study proteins and protein networks,
Chapter 28: Incremental truncation for hybrid enzymes/combinatorial shuffling,
Chapter 29: Evolving antibodies to modulate protein-protein interactions,
Chapter 30: Ribosomal display,
Chapter 31: Analysis of protein interactions with peptides synthesized on membranes,
Chapter 32: Protein bundling as an approach to enhance interaction affinity,

SECTION FIVE: Protein-Protein Interactions: Computation and the Future
Chapter 33: Genome and structurally informed predictions - protein fusions and DIP,
Chapter 34: Protein interaction networks in yeast,
Chapter 35: Modulating protein-protein interactions to develop new therapeutic approaches,

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