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Plant Cell Biology: A Practical Approach 2nd ed.

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publication info   C. Hawes and B. Satiat-Jeunemaitre, ed., Oxford University Press, 2001, soft cover
mfr. no.   Oxford University Press


General description

With the post genomics era, comes a demand for techniques of cell biology, critical to interpreting function and location of the cell′s many proteins and macromolecules. This edition balances established techniques, including classical histochemistry and electron microscopy, with new developments. It covers a range of methods for working on living cells, including the application of fluorescent probes, cytometry, expression systems, the use of green fluorescent protein, micromanipulation and electrophysiological techniques. It concludes with a range of biochemical techniques for the isolation of cytoplasmic organelles.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to optical microscopy for plant cell biology,
2. Fourescent probes for living plant cells,
3. Flow cytometry,
4. Trasnient expression: a tool to address questions in plant cell biology,
5. The Green Fluorescent Protien (GFP) as reporter in plant cells,
6. Microinjection,
7. Micromanipulation by laser microbeam and optical tweezers,
8. Electrophysiological methods: moitoring exo- and endocytosis in real time,
9. Plant histology,
10. Immunocytochemistry from light microscopy,
11. Electron Microscopy,
12. In situ hybridization,
13. Organelle isolation,
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