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Proteolytic Enzymes: A Practical Approach, 2nd ed.

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publication info   R. Beynon and J.S. Bond, ed., Oxford University Press, 2001, 320 pp., soft cover
mfr. no.   Oxford University Press


General description

This second edition has been thoroughly updated to take into account advances in the last 10 years in both the increased understanding of the role of peptidases in many critical cellular processes, e.g. apoptosis, as well as their use as enzymatic tools in such diverse areas as proteomics, protein sequencing, peptide synthesis and protein structure studies. Some topics covered are: inhibition and prevention of unwanted proteolytic activity; characterizing natural inhibitors; proteolytic enzymes in peptide mapping and primary structure elucidation by mass spectrometry and Edman sequencing; limited proteolysis as a structural probe.

Table of Contents

1. Proteolytic enzymes: nomenclature and classification,
2. Purification of proteolytic enzymes,
3. Protease assay methods,
4. Determination of protease mechanism,
5. Inhibition of proteolytic enzymes,
6. Finding, purification and characterization of natural protease inhibitors,
7. Mass spectrometry of proteolysis-derived peptides for protein identification,
8. Using proteinases for Edman sequence analysis and peptide marking,
9. Prevention of unwanted proteolysis,
10. Proteolysis of native proteins as a structural probe,
11. Proteases in peptide synthesis,
A1. The Schechter and Berger nomenclature for proteinase subsites
A2. Some commercially available proteases
A3. Commercially available proteinase inhibitors
A4. List of suppliers

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