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Protein Purification Applications: A Practical Approach, 2nd ed.

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publication info   S. Roe, ed., Oxford University Press, 2001, 184 pp., soft cover
mfr. no.   Oxford University Press


General description

With protein purification workload reduced by improved techniques, there is still a need to consider how unit operations link together to form a purification strategy. This book describes purification strategies from common sources: mammalian cell culture, microbial cell culture, milk, animal tissue, and plant tissue. It also includes chapters on purification of inclusion bodies, fusion proteins, and purification for crystallography. A purification strategy that can produce a highly pure single protein from a crude mixture of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and cell debris is a work of art.

Table of Contents

1. Fusion protein purification methods, Stephen J. Brewer, Charles E. Glatz, and Charles Dickerson
2. Initial purification of inclusion bodies, Bernard N. Violand
3. Purification for crystallography, S. P. Wood and A. R. Coker
4. Protein purification from mammalian cell culture, Terry Cartwright
5. Protein purification from microbial cell culture, Peter R. Levison
6. Protein purification from milk, Richard Burr
7. Protein purification from animal tissue, Nigel M. Hooper
8. Protein purification from plant sources, G. Paul Bolwell
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