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P8977 Sigma

AutoPAGE Plus 4.5% High Throughput Acrylamide Premix



Physical form

Stable for one year at 2-8 °C


AutoPAGE Plus is a specially formulated sequencing gel solution that provides read lengths of 700–800 bases in as little as seven hours, allowing you to run up to three gels in a 24 hour period (Figure 1). When maximum throughput is not your concern, AutoPAGE Plus can also be used for 10 to 12 hour 2X runs providing read lengths of 900 base pairs or more. In addition to the long reads, the superior resolution of AutoPAGE Plus generates higher quality sequencing data. PHRED scores generated in a blind analysis of three commercially available solutions show the dramatic difference in high quality and very high quality data (Figure 2).

While providing the most reliable and reproducible data, AutoPAGE Plus can increase your throughput by up to 50% or reduce the time you have to wait to analyze your results.

Features and Benefits

• 700-800 bases in as little as seven hours
• Also compatible with 2× overnight runs yielding 900-1000 bases
• Superior resolution
• Compatible with dye primer and dye terminator chemistry including BigDye™ chemistry
• Performance tested with ABI 377 instruments
• No decrease in read length or resolution when used on instruments with 96 lane upgrade
• No filtering or degassing necessary

Legal Information

AutoPAGE is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

Price and Availability

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