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Receptors: Structure and Function, A Practical Approach

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publication info   C. Stanford and R. Horton, ed., Oxford University Press, 2002, 272 pp., soft cover
mfr. no.   Oxford University Press


General description

Given the number of exciting developments across the whole spectrum of receptor research in recent years, the editors have not restricted themselves to one particular approach or class of receptors. Thus the studies within range from G protein-coupled surface receptors to the delivery of antisense DNA inside living cells systems. This is a comprehesive review of new methods that can be used for studying cellular receptors and examines how each technique can be used on different receptor types.

Table of Contents

1. Probing G protein-coupled receptors,
2. Form receptor to endogenous ligand, H
3. Point mutations and chimeric receptors in studies of ligand biding domains,
4. Determination of the subunit composition of native and cloned NMDA receptors,
5. Evaluating receptor stoichiometry by fluorescence resoance energy transfer (FRET),
6. Monitoring intracellular trafficking of receptors,
7. Monitoring the turnover kinetics of G protein-coupled receptors,
8. Real time receptor function in vitro: microphysiometry and fluorometricimaging plate reader (FLIPR),
9. Regulation of receptors and receptor-coupled ion channels by protien phosphorylation,
10. Using cofocal imaging to measure changes in intracelular ions,
11. Monitoring nuclear receptor function,
12. In vivo gene transfer of antisense to receptors,

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