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SV40 Protocols

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publication info   L. Raptis, ed., Humana Press, 2001, 322 pp., hard cover
mfr. no.   Humana


General description

Volume 165 of the Methods in Molecular Biology Series describes key techniques for experimentally detecting SV40 in human tumors, for exploiting its use in human gene therapy, and for studying its replication and its mechanisms of neoplastic transformation. Included are methods for growing SV40 and related viruses in tissue culture, for in vivo and in vitro replication and transcription of SV40 DNA, for use of retroviral vectors to express SV40 tumor antigens in cultured cells, and for use of transgenic mouse models based on the SV40 large T antigen.

Table of Contents

Propagation of Wild-Type and Mutant SV40, James D. Tremblay, Kris F. Sachsenmeier, and James M. Pipas. Propagation and Assay of JC Virus, Christine K. Liu and Walter J. Atwood. Propagation and Assay of BK Virus, Wendy A. Knowles. Molecular Methods for Identification and Genotyping of BK Virus, Li Jin. Methods for Studying Interactions between Simian Virus 40 T-Antigen and the Viral Origin of Replication, Kodangatil R. Sreekumar, Brett A. Barbaro, Andrea E. Prack, and Peter A. Bullock. Cell-Free Transcription of SV40, Richard J. Kraus and Janet E. Mertz. Quantitation and Structural Analysis of SV40 RNAs, Richard J. Kraus and Janet E. Mertz. Generation of Recombinant SV40 Vectors for Gene Transfer, David S. Strayer, Maria Lamothe, Danlan Wei, Joseph Milano, and Rumi Kondo. Production of SV40 Proteins in Insect Cells and In Vitro Packaging of Virions and Pseudovirions, Ziv Sandalon and Ariella Oppenheim. Using Retroviral Vectors to Express SV40 Tumor Antigens, Van Cherington and Cynthia Higgins. Neoplastic Transformation Assays, Leda Raptis and Adina Vultur. Methods to Assess Inhibition of Adipocyte Differentiation by SV40 Large T Antigen, Cynthia Higgins and Van Cherington. SV40-Mediated Immortalization, Mary Judith Tevethia and Harvey L. Ozer. Biology of p53 and SV40 Large T Association, Ximena Montano. Binding of SV40 Large T Antigen to the Retinoblastoma Susceptibility Gene Product and Related Proteins, Juan Zalvide, James A. DeCaprio, and Hilde Stubdal. In Situ Electroporation for the Measurement of c-Ras Activation by SVLT, Heather L. Brownell and Leda Raptis. Role of SV40 Small t in Cell Lysis, Transformation, and Signaling, Ximena Montano and Kathy Rundell. Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes in SV40 Infections, Todd D. Schell and Satvir S. Tevethia. Detection of SV40 DNA Sequences in Human Tissue, John A. Lednicky and Robert L. Garcea. Guide to Techniques in Creating Transgenic Mouse Models Using SV40 T Antigen, Ioanna G. Maroulakou and Robin C. Muise-Helmericks. Appendix. Index.

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