S6790 Sigma

Sigmacell Cellulose

Type 101, Highly purified, fibers

Synonym: Cellulose powder, Cellulose, Cotton linters



High purity cellulose powders for partition chromatography.

Sigmacell cellulose is used in thin layer chromatography (TLC) and cellulose TLC adsorbents. Sigmacell cellulose has been used in studies to inform industrial applications for large-scale purification of enzymes as well as to investigate the cellulase system of Penicillium echinulatum, which has been identified as a potential cellulase producer for bioconversion processes.


For TLC, simply blend a 15-20% aqueous slurry for about one minute and coat plates; dry at room temperature. Usually does not require activation before use.

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~50 μm particle size


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Type 50, 50 μm

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