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MISSION® shRNA Product Offerings

Order Custom and Predesigned shRNA

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Individual Mission shRNA Clones

  • Our online tool allows you to view clone-specific validation information and build your own clone sets.
  • The individual clones are available in three formats: bacterial glycerol stock, purified plasmid DNA and lentiviral transduction particles
  • Locate shRNA clones for your specific gene of interest by clicking 'Search'
  • Choose from over 315,000 pre-cloned shRNA constructs for both human and mouse.
  • Ordering 25 clones or more? Please click here.
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Mission shRNA Gene Family Sets

Choose from 25 pre-designed shRNA Gene Panels

  • All TRC shRNA clones have been methodically mapped to each current gene set by our Bioinformatics team.
  • Gene family sets for human (22) and mice (3) include popular kinases, phosphatases, GPCRs, tyrosine kinases, and epigenetic regulators.
  • Any panel can be arrayed in either 96- or 384- well plate formats
  • All gene family sets can be used at the benchtop for focused target discovery and pathway analysis.

Create your own panel.
Different gene pathway of interest? Want a more complete list?
Submit a request.

  • Gene family sets are fully customizable allowing for complete flexibility to add or delete clone or gene content.
Design shRNA

Create Gene Panel

Mission shRNA Libraries

Arrayed genome-wide shRNA libraries

  • Most extensive coverage: Pre-cloned genome-wide arrayed libraries contain 245,000+ clone shRNA library targeting 20,000+ human and 21,000+ mouse genes.
  • High-throughput manufacturing: World class high-throughput viral manufacturing.
  • Flexible format options: Entire libraries or single gene sets offered in glycerol stock, DNA, or viral format.
  • Extended Coverage=Average of 5 - 6 clones targeting each gene.
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Pooled shRNA Libraries
Whole genome shRNA screening for a fraction of the cost.

  • Affordable - Bench top discovery without robotics or liquid handling.
  • Comprehensive - Trusted TRC (The RNAi Consortium) content with shRNA taregting 20,000+ human or 21,000+ mouse genes including TRC 1.5 and 2.0 (unique and validated) add-ons which are exclusive to Sigma.
  • Universal - Simplified whole genome RNAi screening in standard or difficult to expand cell lines.
  • Versatile - Compatible with FACS and most downstream fluorescent assays.

Custom Mission shRNA

Fully customizable shRNA sequence, vector, and lentiviral manufacturing

  • Select by methods other than puromycin, including neomycin (G418) and FACS via reporters.
  • Confirm your lentiviral delivery through a fluorescent reporter.
  • Customize your shRNA sequence.
  • Eliminate tedious cloning and viral production.
  • Service includes: shRNA design, cloning, sequence verifications, DNA quantitation, and titer determination.

    Custom Capabilities: Bringing you more flexibility
  • Contract manufacturing: Send us your clones for lentiviral production! Sigma accommodates high-throughput projects, private collections, and alternate libraries. Please request a quote or contact if interested.
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  • Learn More about custom cloning.

    Create Your Own shRNA Pool

    Focus on the genes essential to your research by creating your own custom shRNA pool

    • Create your custom shRNA pool for maximum return of relevant hits
    • Customize your volume and aliquoting needs to further enhance your ability to rapidly screen multiple cell lines.
    • Titers and volumes adequate for in vitro, in vivo and xenograft applications.
    • Partner with Sigma's next-generation sequencing services for data deconvolution and maximum data return from your screening efforts.
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    Deconvolution of shRNA Pools

    • Sigma's deconvolution service lets you easily identify the genes that impact your pooled shRNA screen.
    • Next-generation sequencing of clones gives a precise number of individual clone occurrence within a pooled shRNA sample.
    • Comprehensive, reproducible results from pooled shRNA screens.
    • Statistically robust and information-rich data.
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    shRNA Controls

    Measure transduction and knockdown efficiency, or monitor off-target effects.

    • Positive Transduction Controls: Empty Vector, TurboGFP, TagCFP, TagYFP, TagRFP, and TagFP365 Controls
    • Positive Knockdown Controls: TurboGFP, eGFP, luciferase, B2M, and ARHGDIA controls
    • Negative Controls: Empty Vector, Non-target, Turbo GFP, eGFP, and luciferase controls
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      Produce high-titer lentivirus using the MISSION® Lentiviral Packaging Mix

      • Accelerate viral production by skipping tedious but critical multivariable plasmid optimization.
      • Produce high titer lentivirus with MISSION shRNA plasmids with the included easy to use protocol.
      • Safely produce lentivirus utilizing the three plasmid system with self inactivating, long terminal repeat (SIN/LTR) regions.
      • Choose between small or large scale lentivirus production with our conveniently sized 250 µl or 1.7 ml sizes.
      • Learn More about packaging mixes.
      • Learn More about lentivirus validated cell lines.

      Inducible Mission shRNA

      Tight regulation meets great gene silencing

      • IPTG-inducible shRNA pLKO-vectors allow for fast response and temporally-controlled gene silencing useful for essential or lethal gene knockdown.
      • Proven to work in vivo and in vitro
      • Single vector systems in 1X LacO and 3X LacO formats for effective inducible knockdown
      • Available on demand service includes: shRNA design(choose any TRC clone or custom sequence), cloning, sequence verification, DNA quantitation, and titer determination.
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        Targeted Integration shRNA

        MISSION Taregeted Integration shRNA kit, Powerd by CompoZr® Zinc Finger Technology.

        • Validated pair of zinc finger nucleases (ZFNs) engineered to target AAVS1 locus enables efficient targeted integration of shRNA encoding sequence
        • Consistent site for transgene delivery as AAVS1 site is likely present in every human cell line
        • No random integration leads to better control of target gene expression
        • Effective gene knockdown comparable to lentiviral shRNA constructs

        Technical Service:

        Our team of scientists has experience in all areas of research including Life Science, Material Science, Chemical Synthesis, Chromatography, Analytical and many others.

        Bulk Ordering & Pricing:

        Need larger quantities for your development, manufacturing or research applications?