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Starch (GO/P) Assay Kit

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Starch (GO/P) Assay Kit was used to determine the starch content, during an experimental study done in order to investigate the composition and structure of sorghum spent grains (SSG), which is a brewery co-product and is reported to have potential applications thereby adding value to the product. It was also used in starch extraction and quantification, during investigating the importance of OsGA2ox5 in GAs homeostasis, development, gravity responses and stress tolerance in rice. Furthermore, it also found application in being used in analysing factors affecting polyhydroxybutyrate accumulation , which are basically linear biodegradable polyesters produced by bacteria as a carbon store, in mesophyll cells of sugarcane and switchgrass.

This kit is for the quantitative, enzymatic determination of starch in food and other materials. The hydrolysis of starch to glucose is catalyzed by α-amylase and amyloglucosidase. Glucose is oxidized to gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide by glucose oxidase. Hydrogen peroxide reacts with o-dianisidine in the presence of peroxidase to form a colored product. Oxidized o-dianisidine reacts with sulfuric acid to form a more stable colored product. The intensity of the pink color measured at 540 nm is proportional to the original glucose concentration.

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α-Amylase, Heat Stable .5 mL SDS    
Starch Assay Reagent 1 mL/vial SDS    
Glucose Oxidase/Peroxidase Reagent 1 capsule SDS    
o-Dianisidine Reagent 5 mg SDS    
Glucose Standard Solution .5 mL SDS    
Wheat Starch 1 g SDS    
Corn Starch 1 g SDS    
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The Starch Assay Kit is used for the quantitative, enzymatic determination of starch in food. The intensity of the pink color measured at 540 nm is proportional to the original glucose concentration.

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