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  • T6763 - Trypsin Acetylated from bovine pancreas

T6763 Sigma

Trypsin Acetylated from bovine pancreas

Type V-S, ≥8,500 BAEE units/mg protein (biuret)

Synonym: Acetyltrypsin



Biochem/physiol Actions

Lys-acetylated trypsin is less susceptible to autolysis than the native form.

General description

The trypsin molecule has two domains: one is related to the enzyme active site and the tryptophan residues; the other is related to the 8-anilinonaphthalene-1-sulfonate binding.

Other Notes

View more information on trypsin at www.sigma-aldrich.com/enzymeexplorer.


1 g in glass bottle

100, 250 mg in glass bottle

Preparation Note

Prepared by the method of Labouesse, J. and Gervais, M., Eur. J. Biochem., 2, 215 (1967).

Unit Definition

One BAEE unit will produce a ΔA253 of 0.001 per min at pH 7.6 at 25° C using BAEE as substrate. Reaction volume = 3.2 mL (1 cm light path).


Trypsin has been used in a study to assess the ontogeny of the endocrine pancreas in the fetal/newborn baboon. Trypsin digestion and hydrogen/deuterium exchange support the transition between inward- and outward-facing conformations during the catalytic cycle of the bacterial multidrug ATP-binding cassette transporter.

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