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T9060 Sigma

BlueView Nucleic Acid Stain

in 10× TBE buffer, powder blend



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grade   for molecular biology
form   powder blend
measuring range   <250 ng/band detection sensitivity
storage temp.   room temp



BlueView is a quick, safe alternative to ethidium bromide staining for nucleic acid electrophoresis. BlueView can be used directly as the running buffer and in the gel for instant staining of the bands of nucleic acids during electrophoresis, visible in ambient light. Bands can be excised from the gel without the use of UV which can cause nicking. BlueView stained bands can be used for PCR, ligation, labeling, restriction digestion, and Southern blotting.


Reconstitution with water produces a 10× stock solution of the BlueView stain in 10× TAE or TBE buffer. The bottles are large enough to contain the concentrate. Dilute the 10× stock solution to the desired concentration before use. Concentrations of TBE and TAE between 0.5 and 1× are commonly used for nucleic acid electrophoresis. A 20-fold dilution of the stock solution is recommended for low background staining and optimum signal to noise.

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Introduction to Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis

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Quantitative PCR - PCR Technologies Guide

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