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publication info   L. Zhu and G.J. Hannon, ed., Eaton Publishing, 2000, 296 pp., soft cover
mfr. no.   Eaton Publishing


General description

Two-hybrid system provides a novel way of detecting protein-protein interactions through a powerful genetic approach. This approach has been well adapted to various other purposes, such as detecting protein-DNA interactions (one hybrid) and RNA-protein interactions or multiple protein interactions (three-hybrid). It provides detailed laboratory protocols, basic technology, variations, special applications, and troubleshooting suggestions. There is also useful information on in vitro protein interaction detection methods, and both bacterial and mammalian two-hybrid systems.

Table of Contents

Yeast Transcriptional Activation And The Two-Hybrid System
By Jun Ma, Children′s Hospital Research Foundation, Cincinnati, OH
Yeast One-Hybrid System: A Genetic System to Identify DNA Binding Proteins
By Toshihiko Ezashi & R. Michael Roberts, Univ. of Missouri, Columbia, MO
Two-Hybrid System: Basic Principle And Procedures
By Kristen Mayo, CCS Associates
Two-Hybrid System: Library Screening Procedures
By Kristen Mayo, CCS Associates
Advanced Two-Hybrid System: ade Reporter And Other Advanced Features
By Nacianne Kniper, Ann Holtz, Benjamin Hua, & Li Zhu, CLONTECH Laboratories
A Double Interaction Screen to Isolate DNA Binding and Protein Tethered Transcription Factors
By Leslie Pick, Ulrike Lohr, and Yan Yu, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY
Recent Advances in Eliminating False Positives from the Yeast Two-Hybrid System
By Yiren Hong, Kaohsiung Medical College, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Mating Assays In Yeast Two-Hybrid System
By Ann Holtz, Matthew Qiu, Benjamin Hua, & Li Zhu, CLONTECH Laboratories
A Membrane Applicable, Split Ubiqitin-Based Two-Hybrid System
By Stephen te Heesen, Microbiology Institute, ETH Zentrum, Zurich, Switzerland
Mammalian Two-Hybrid Assays
By Andrew Farmer, CLONTECH Laboratories
Reverse Two-Hybrid System: Detecting Critical Intraction Domains And Screening For Inhibitors
By Candice A. Leanna & Mark Hannink, Univ. of Missouri-Columbia, MO
Two-And-Half Hybrid System: Additional Protein Needed
By Jie Zhang, Guilford Pharmaceuticals, Baltimore, Maryland
RNA-Protein Interactions Reconstituted by a Tri-Hybrid System
By Ulrich Putz, Joachim Kremerskothen, Paul Skehel, & Dietmar Kuhl, University of Hamburg, Germany
An RNA Polymerase III-based Two-Hybrid System to Study RNA Polymerase II Transcriptional Regulators
By Marie-Claude Massolier
Application Of Two-Hybrid System In Human Genome Protein Linkage Mapping
By Benjamin Hua & Li Zhu, Calydon & CLONTECH Laboratories
In Vitro Protein Interaction Assays
By Benjamin Hua & Li Zhu, Calydon & CLONTECH Laboratories
GFP Reporter Plasmid For One Step Selection In the Two-Hybrid System
By Robert Cormack, Max-Planck-Institut fur Zuchtungsforschung, Koln, Germany
Two-Hybrid Assay For Protein Interaction With Co-Factors
By Kazuo Nishimura & Chawnshang Chang, University of Rochester, NY
A Bacterial Two-Hybrid System Based On a cAMP Signaling Cascade In E. Coli
By Gouzel Karimova & Danial Ladant, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
Hunting For Caspase Substrates Using Yeast Two-Hybrid Methods
By Shiji Kamada & Yoshihide Tsujimoto, Osaka University Medical School, Japan
Cytotrap Yeast Two-Hybrid System: Non-Transcription Activation-Based Yeast Two-Hybrid System
By Cathy Chang, Strategene, Inc., La Jolla, CA

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