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Nuclear Receptors: A Practical Approach

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publication info   D. Picard, ed., Oxford University Press, 1999, 304 pp., soft cover
mfr. no.   Oxford University Press


General description

The steroid or nuclear receptor superfamily is an important group of transcription factors of growing importance to a large number of researchers. Topics include how to clone, characterize, identify, assay for, monitor changes, and analyze kinetics of novel receptors along with characterization of co-activators, receptor interactions, ligand binding studies, DNA binding studies, and assays such as CARLA.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors
1. Evolutionary biology of the nuclear receptor superfamily, H. Escriva, M. Robinson, and V. Laudet
2. Initial characterization of new orphan receptors, R. Sladek and V. Giguere
3. Adopting orphans: finding ligands, S. Kersten and W. Wahli
4. Kinetic analysis of nuclear receptor interactions, B. J. Cheskis and L. P. Freedman
5. Functional characterization of co-activators using mammalian cell microinjection, D. W. Rose, T.-M. Mullen, M. G. Rosenfeld, and C. K. Glass
6. Analysis of steroid/nuclear receptor phosphorylation, B. G. Rowan and N. L. Weigel
7. Ligand- and cofactor-regulated transcription with chromatin templates, W. L. Kraus and J. T. Kadonaga
8. Hormone-resistance syndromes, M. Gurnell and V. K. K. Chatterjee
9. In vitro assembly of steroid receptor--Hsp90 complexes, D. F. Smith
10. Yeast as a system for the study of nuclear receptor function, M. J. Garabedian, J. A. Iniguez-Lluhi, and A. Kralli
11. Regulation of heterologous proteins by fusion to a hormone binding domain, D. Picard
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